As a contractor for Bacon you have an option between two payment processors, Everee and Stripe. We are currently moving away from Stripe, so make sure you switch over ASAP so you can get your money as quickly as possible! No matter what processor you're using, it's crucial that you have the correct information on you account so we can get you your payments from working shifts. Below you'll find a step by step process for both Everee and Stripe on how to change important information on your account and make sure everything is in good standing! 

How to Update your Everee Account Information

1. To begin you'll need to click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the application that has four lines. 

2. Once there, you can access your payment settings by clicking on the corresponding button

3. Once there you will see both a Stripe and an Everee option. If you need to change your payment schedule, just click on the red Update icon and you'll be able to choose quick pay or weekly payouts. Click Everee to continue to change your account information. 

4. Once you are here you'll need to click on the red Update on Everee Icon where you will be directed to Everee's site, you'll need to put in your login information. 

5. Once you've entered your login info you'll find your home screen for Everee. If you need to update your banking information you can do this by clicking on the lower blue icon that says Edit Direct Deposit. If you Wish to update different information click on the icon in the top right corner, it should have the initial of your first name. 

Remember that if you want to change what bank account your payments are sent to you will need to delete the account that you had previous payments routed to Before you add your updated account. 


6. Once here you can choose what you need to update from the menu listed here. Personal information, your address, how you receive notifications and your tax information is all listed here! 


How to update your Stripe account information:

1. Follow Steps 1-3 listed above, on step 3 select the Stripe icon instead of the Everee and you'll be directed to verify your information for Stripe. 

2. You'll be directed to the screen shown below, select the top right icon. 

3. You'll arrive at this screen, if you scroll down you'll be able to see all the information that you can alter, and update it as needed. 

We hope this article was helpful! If you have further questions feel free to reach out to!