Each strike influences your ability to work with Bacon. Come find out the reasons and consequences for each strike.

Bacon's Three Strike Policy

Bacon strives to insure that we have the highest quality workers on our platform as possible. To this end Bacon uses a "three strike policy" to make sure that workers meet the requirements to use the Bacon platform. The "three strike policy" is set up as follows: 

Strike 1 = 3-day Suspension
Strike 2 = 7-day Suspension
Strike 3 = 30-day Suspension

Be aware! The timetable listed above Does not apply to late withdrawals, or no shows. For our Late withdrawal/No show policy (Click Here)


How do I get strikes? 

The most common way you receive a strike is for showing up late to a shift or leaving a shift early. You can also receive a strike for a low rating. For more information on our rating system you can check out our articles: "What Happens If I'm Rated Poorly?" and "How Can I Get Good Ratings?"

Strikes are automatically removed from your account after 1 year from when they were received. 

If your account has received many strikes, we reserves the right to pause any and all accounts that the Bacon team deems "problematic" from the platform for an indefinite amount of time.

If you have any further questions you can reach out to our Support Team at support@baconinc.com