One of our new features is the ability for workers and companies to commit to a series of shifts in a row at once, but how does it work?

We are very excited to be offering long term shifts on the platform now! These shifts will give you the ability to plan out a full week of work in one application, and allows the company to spend less time training new employees each shift! 

So what is a "Long Term" Shift? 

A long term shifts are shifts where accepted applicants are expected to show up for multiple shifts over a period of time. The maximum number of days listed is 7, but many times companies will post for just the normal work week (Monday-Friday). 

What happens if I accept a long term shift? 

Workers who apply and are accepted to a long term shift are expected to work every shift that is included. For example, if a long term shift is scheduled from Monday-Friday you will be expected to work each day included. You cannot pick up the shift on Tuesday, hoping to work Tuesday-Friday, you must be willing to work every shift. 

What if I have an emergency before one of my long term shifts? 

No worries! You'll just need to follow the normal steps listed on our article What to do if you have an emergency before your shift?

Do I get paid any different from a normal shift? 

Nope! You'll get paid out in accordance with your payment schedule just like normal. If you're wondering why you haven't gotten paid yet, check out our article When will I be paid?