Everything that you need to be successful with Bacon!

There is a lot to love about Bacon, but if you're new to the platform it might seem overwhelming. We've created these videos and articles to walk you through each step along your journey to help you feel more at home.

This is intended to provide a general overview of the solution. If you have specific, strategic questions it would be best to direct those to your dedicated CSM.

Navigating the Shifts View

Click the link below to watch a video and learn more.

New Shifts View Layout

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Verify Hours Before 5pm the Following Business Day

Read the article below to learn why it is so important to verify hours before 5pm the following business day.

Why It's Important to Verify Worker Hours Before 5pm the Following Business Day

Click the link below to watch a video and learn more.

How to Verify Hours


How to Add a Worker to a Shift

There are times you will need to add someone to your shift. It is important to do this as soon as someone shows up. Here is the reason why. Bacon is not held liable if a worker is hurt on a shift they are not accepted on. So add the worker to your shift by following the steps in the video below.

Add a Worker to a Shift

How to Mark Worker as No Shows

Bacon contractors are just like anyone else. Life happens and sometimes they cannot work the shift they have signed up for and in that case, you will need to mark them as a no show. Businesses are no longer able to give excused absences to workers. The best thing a worker can do in an emergency situation is to withdraw from the shift as soon as they are able. 

How to mark a worker as a no show

Managed Accounts/Teams

Companies often want other members of their staff to help with managing shifts. With Managed Accounts, you can easily add a person to your Team and give them the permissions they need to help manage your shifts. Watch the video below to learn more.

How to Manage Team in Account View

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Check Workers In and Out

From time to time a worker is unable to check in on the app for various reasons. We've given you the ability to print a sign-in sheet for each of your shifts so that workers can use the physical sign if they are unable to check-in or out on the app for whatever reason. This will help you know exactly how many hours they worked and verify that in the app later on. Watch the videos below to learn more.

How do I print a sign-in sheet for my shift?

How do I verify and adjust worker hours?


Payment Setup

We know that how you pay is important to your company and accounting department. You are able to change your payment options in the app at any time. 

How to change payment settings in the account view

Contacting Support

Our Support Team is here to help you with various things. There are a few things you will find they can help you with best. Click the link to learn more. Contact Support for These Items


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