Bacon is different from the traditional temp agency model in a number of beneficial ways. Since your shifts are set up to be day-to-day posts, you won't always get the same worker on each shift. This allows you access to our large worker base as they are applying for jobs based on their schedule.


Through the above process, you will end up seeing a variety of individuals, and this ends up being a good thing. Workers start gravitating towards places they feel comfortable and you can build up a bench of workers fairly quickly and from there you can invite those workers back to your shift for extended periods. That bench of workers might be able to come every day, but if they can't having a bench of trained workers in your back pocket is a great way to fill in when they are able. This will allow you to increase or decrease your staffing on demand rather than counting on . In general, you don’t end up training brand new people every day, as you will see many of the same people applying for your shifts, and they will build up your bench of workers.