What can you do if you're not seeing shifts, or if you're not seeing the diversity of shifts you'd like?

There are three main reasons your application isn't displaying any shifts, here's what they are and what you can do to fix them!

1. You need to adjust your filters

Sometimes the problem is that your filters on your application are limiting the shifts you can see. To fix this you'll just need to clear your filters by clicking the large red button on the bottom of the shift calendar that says "Filters" and press the icon that says "Clear all filters". If you've done this and you still don't see any shifts, move on to option 2 below. 

2. You aren't eligible for some shifts 

If you've cleared your filters and you still aren't seeing shifts, it might be because you are a first time worker, or because you've been blocked from certain companies. First time workers are restricted from certain shifts until they work their first shift. If you've already worked several shifts and you're not seeing anything it might be because the shifts that are posted are from companies that have you blocked. This is usually a response to poor conduct, and prevents the user from seeing the companies shifts going forward. If none of these options seem to make sense for your account, move on to option three.
3. All the shifts in your area have already been filled.

Bacon has seen an explosion of workers in the last year on the platform. People are excited for the opportunity to Hustle and Shine! Unfortunately this means that in certain areas there are more workers than shifts to work, which sometimes results in shift shortages. We know how inconvenient this can be, and our sales team works hard to bring on new companies and increase the number of shifts in the area! Until they find the new employers, there isn't much we can do for you from our end, but no worries it shouldn't last long so keep updating your app and turn on notifications so you know when there are new postings!