Using an app to work gigs may be a whole new world. Here are some tips that will help you succeed on Bacon.

  • Avoid withdrawing late from shifts - Bacon workers with the highest ratings cancel shifts and withdraw less than other workers. The less you cancel or withdraw, the more businesses feel like they can depend on you!
    Pro tip: Workers with no late withdrawals and cancellations say that they mark their calendars with upcoming shifts, and set reminders so they don't plan anything over the commitment they have already made. 

  • Leave a good impression - The majority of positive reviews written by businesses are about how experienced, hard-working, and kind our workers are! Remember that people always remember your attitude, work ethic, and how you treat them. 

  • Bring It! - Be prepared to go above and beyond! Showing up on time and doing the job is great—but taking initiative is the best way to stand out to a Business.

  • Be prepared - Look over the shift details to ensure you meet the dress code the business has laid out. Show up on time, dress appropriately, and be ready to work.