We want you to have a great experience working for Bacon. So here are some tips to make sure your first shift is a good one!

Here are the best practices for success on our platform:

  1. Once you have read all the details and are confident you can work at your highest level, apply to the shift.
  2. Wait until you receive a confirmation that you have been accepted to work the shift through a push notification or email (if you remain in pending status, you were not selected and do not need to go to the job site)
  3. Once accepted, prepare for your shift by planning ahead...review dress code, review break details so that you have a planful approach to your day, check the route to the location ahead of time so that you will arrive ready to work at the start time
  4. Check-in and out through the platform
  5. Go to the job site with the intent to earn a 5-star rating
  6. Introduce yourself to the supervisor, listen and learn the details of the expected job
  7. Verify that you have heard instructions clearly
  8. Have fun and make it an amazing day!