Our rating system provides simple and clear guidelines for companies to rate workers.

Use the Star System below to rate workers at the end of your shifts!

5 stars = Great job! Went the extra mile, showed that Hustle and Shine!

4 stars = Nice work. Performed up to expectations.

3 stars = Satisfactory. Performed the tasks that they were given.

2 stars = Poor Performance. Added little value or was disruptive. 

1 stars = Unacceptable. Performance, behavior, and/or attitude was problematic.


*Please note, when a worker is given a 1-2 star rating, they are suspended from the platform and removed from any shifts they have been accepted to during that suspension. So please do not use a 1-2 star lightly. That being said, if they just weren't a fit for your specific company please contact your CSM and we will block them from seeing any future shifts you post, but they will still have the opportunity to apply to other shifts posted on the platform. Thank you!