Our rating system provides simple and clear guidelines for companies to rate workers.

Use the Star System below to rate workers at the end of your shifts!

5 stars = Great job! Went the extra mile, and showed that Hustle and Shine!

4 stars = Nice work. Performed up to expectations.

3 stars = Satisfactory. Performed the tasks that they were given.

2 stars = Poor Performance. Added little value or was disruptive. 

1 stars = Unacceptable. Performance, behavior, and/or attitude was problematic.

*Please note, when a worker is given a 1-2 star rating, they are suspended from applying to new shifts for 7 days. So please do not use a 1-2 star lightly. 

That being said, if they just weren't a fit for your specific business, please contact your CSM or clientsupport@baconcinc.com and we will block them from seeing any future shifts you post, but they will still have the opportunity to apply to other shifts posted on the platform.