Bacon's Occupational Accident plan covers all contract workers who work a shift on the Bacon app during their scheduled shift.  

If an injury occurs during a shift please follow this process:

  1. Ensure the worker gets the medical attention they need, any medical facility is fine. You do not need to wait for any paperwork to be completed before medical attention can be accessed.

  2. Email your Client Success Manager and include all details of the accident

  3. Complete an incident report to document what happened. If your company has a form, you may use that. If you need a template, Bacon can provide one. Send a copy to your Client Success Manager as soon as it is completed. 

  4. Your Client Success Manager will work with you to resolve everything and provide status updates as needed.

  5. Our Worker Success team will reach out to the worker to ensure they receive the needed medical attention and are informed about how to submit a claim to the occupational accident plan.