Auto Verification of Hours

Starting December 27th, there's a crucial update to our policy regarding shift verification. Shift hours will be automatically verified by 5 pm the day following the shift if they have not been verified by you already.

Weekdays (Monday through Thursday):

  • For shifts during the week (Monday through Thursday), you have until 5 pm the next day to verify hours and make any necessary adjustments. 

  • Workers who do not check in and out of a shift will not be paid automatically. Hours must be entered, or a check-in and check-out must be present for auto verification to take place.

Weekends (Friday through Sunday):

  • For shifts that fall on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you'll have until 5 pm Monday to verify hours and make any needed changes. 

Bank Holidays:

When a shift falls on a Bank Holiday, you’ll have until 5 pm the following business day to verify hours and make any necessary changes. 

This way, you can enjoy your weekends and holidays without the pressure of verifying hours.

What If I Forget to Verify Hours?
If hours are auto-verified at 5 pm, and you want to make corrections, you’ll have until payment is sent to workers the following morning at 7 am MST to make any adjustments. 

We are happy to help you with any adjustments to your processes to make your transition more seamless. If you have any questions, our client success team is ready to assist at