Receiving a Low Rating will severely affect your ability to work shifts on Bacon. We track low ratings and comments that employers leave. 

What is typically factored into receiving a low rating?

  • Attitude/Behavior

  • Ability to perform the job you applied to

  • Arriving Late or Leaving Early

  • Work Ethic

  • On your phone when you shouldn't be

  • Unprepared/Unqualified

Low Rating Policy

What is a Low Rating? Any 1 or 2-star rating. 

  • 1st low rating = 3-day suspension from the platform 

  • 2nd low rating = 7-day suspension from the platform

  • 3rd low rating = 30-day suspension from the platform 

(you will be removed from all shifts you were accepted to and you will not be able to apply to shifts during any of the above suspensions)