There are a few fees that are deducted from your payouts, come find out what they are!

When you get paid through Bacon, you'll get a little breakdown with all the information on what is being taken out of your payout. Here is a general breakdown of what those fees are: 

Platform Fee

Every shift you work includes a small platform fee. This fee is $0.60 per hour worked. This fee covers the ongoing costs of keeping the Bacon platform running and covers the insurance policy Bacon has in place for each worker.

Payment Processing Fee

This is a flat fifty cent fee that is applied to all payouts that are processed by Everee regardless of payment schedule. This is applied by Everee, and there is no way to opt-out of this fee.

Quick Pay Fee 

For an additional 1% of the total for your shift (post-fees) you can get your payment sent one business day after the hours have been verified. This fee is also applied by Everee to all payouts that are processed using Everee's "Quick Pay" option that allows for payouts. If you would like to opt-out, you'll just need to switch from quick pay to "Every Friday" on the application. Your payments will be processed each Friday for free!


Hopefully that has helped to clear up some of your questions about the fees that are part of working through the Bacon Platform, as always if you have further questions you can search other articles on this site, or reach out to support at!