If you are having problems with your account, or are in the middle of a suspension it can be tempting to create a secondary account. Find out why that's not a good idea here, so you can avoid the consequences!

Why does it matter? 

First and foremost, we don't allow duplicate accounts on our platform and we take them seriously. Bacon strives to create a community where both the businesses, and the contractors are held accountable for their quality of service. We accomplish this through our rating system, which allows workers to rate businesses and businesses to rate workers so that you can trust that "John Doe" is a good worker because he has exceptional reviews. This system is compromised if workers or companies are allowed to create new accounts at will. Suddenly you can't trust that a 5 star contractor or business is in fact high quality, it might just be that they created a new account after getting a few too many low ratings on their original email. 

Our second reason is because our system isn't built to accommodate multiple accounts. Everee will not accept a Social Security Number for more than one account, and will flag it as fraud. This means that duplicate accounts are unable to get paid for any work. Though we can funnel payments from a duplicate account to a valid Everee account there are serious delays in receiving your payment. 

What happens if I create a duplicate account? 

Because duplicate account creation is so detrimental to our mission here at Bacon, we have built-in systems that can identify duplicate accounts and flag them for our review. Consequences for creating a  duplicate account include…

1. Suspension/deactivation of duplicate account

2. Not receiving payments made to your duplicate account on the same timetable as a valid account.

3. Having all accounts linked to your name be permanently banned from the platform. 

Any and all of the above consequences may be applied to your account following a discussion with a Bacon representative.

What should I do if I feel like I need to get a new account? 

Well this article is an excellent start! If after reading this article you still feel like a new account is necessary feel free to email in to support@baconinc.com and ask for help! We can handle most of the situations where a second account might make sense. For example, if you have forgotten a password, if you don't have access to the email associated with your Bacon account, or if you need to update any information on the application we can take care of it from our end. No duplicate account needed! However, reasons like, I would like to work before my suspension is scheduled to expire, I want to get rid of poor ratings, or I've been blocked by too many companies are not legitimate reasons to create a second account. If you have questions about whether or not your reason is justified, reach out to support and we will help you out consequence-free