There are two types of referrals, a worker referral and a business referral, you'll get paid for both! 

We want to reward your hustle at Bacon, so we've implemented a referral system so that you can get rewarded for sharing Bacon with employers and workers! 

Worker to Worker Referral: 

Every time you refer one of your friends to the application you will receive $25! There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn so invite everyone!  In order to receive the bonus two things need to happen: 

1. The person you referred will need to create a Bacon account, add your referral code and then work a shift with us. The account cannot be a duplicate account and must have an appropriate profile picture. Once they have successfully worked the shift and have been verified and paid out we move to the second requirement. 

2. You as the person who referred your friend will need to work a shift after your friend has completed step one entirely (including being verified and paid out) and the $25 will be added to your next shift

If you and your friend have both completed steps one and two in their entirety and you still haven't noticed a payout that includes a $25 payout in addition to your shift total, reach out to and we can track it down for you! 

Worker to Business Referral: 

If you refer a Business to the Bacon app you have the potential of earning even more money! Once you have referred an employer to the application two things need to happen again: 

1. The business cannot be a current client of Bacon and cannot be currently meeting with a Bacon sales representative. 

2. You need to fill out the form that you can find at: Refer a Business*

Your payments will be assessed in the following way: For every 5 shifts that the business posts you will receive a $100 payout until they have posted 25 shifts and you've earned $500! There is also no limit to the number of businesses you can refer, and no limit to the referral bonuses you can earn! 

It's important to note that you won't receive notifications of when shifts are posted by the business you referred. If you want to know how many shifts they are at, or if they have started posting, reach out to us at and we can check for you!