Why Did My Everee Drop From 100% Complete to 75%? What do I need to Put on my W-9 form? Why can't I get onboarded to Everee? Come find out!

This article will help to answer the most common questions that Bacon workers ask regarding our payment processor Everee. If you don't find an answer to your question here, you can always reach out to Bacon Support at support@baconinc.com. 

I completed my Everee onboarding, but then it dropped back down to 75%, why? 

This is usually caused by incorrect information in your Tax form on Everee. Because you are a 1099 contractor while working through Bacon you fill out a w-9 instead of a w-2 tax form when you set up your Everee account. This means that where the form asks for the Federal tax classification of the person whose name is entered above you will need to choose "Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC" from the drop-down menu. Often workers will put a number in this section thinking that it is a withholding entry on a w-2. If you could double check that your tax form is correctly filled out this is most likely what is keeping your Everee account from being 100% completed. 

I haven't received the onboarding email from Everee, and I can't set up my Account now

The vast majority of the time, if you haven't received the onboarding email from Everee it is because of a typo when your email was entered. Reach out to Bacon support with a quick explanation that you haven't seen the onboarding email, your full name, and the email that you want the onboarding sent to and we will get it taken care of for you! 

I am signed up for "Quick Pay" but it's been more than 24 hours,rs and I still don't see any money!

We are so sorry! We know it's frustrating to not get that payment right after you work, this however isn't actually a problem with Everee. How Everee's "Quick Pay" feature works is that as soon as a shift is verified on the Bacon application it is given a time stamp and we send it over to Everee. If a worker on that shift is signed up for quick pay then Everee will send it out with their next batch of payments. Each batch is sent out at 7am MST, meaning all workers who have quick pay and have worked a shift that has been verified by the employer prior to 7am MST will receive their payment by the end of the business day. This means that a shift that is verified after 7am MST will not get sent out with that batch and will be sent out on the next 7am batch. 

For example: Chris P. Bacon works for a breakfast diner cleaning dishes on 1/1 and completes his shift at 5pm MST. His employer verifies his hours the next day (1/2) at 9am MST. Because his hours weren't verified before the 7am cut off his payment didn't go out with the batch and it now will go out the next day (1/3). If Chris's employer had verified his shift as soon as he finished it at 5pm on 1/1 the shift would have been verified before the 7am cutoff on 1/2 and his payment would have arrived in his bank account before 5pm on 1/2.

If you have further questions,tions check out our article: When will I be Paid? 

How will I get paid out if I have 2 Bacon accounts? 

If you've created two Bacon accounts and you are waiting on a payment from a shift worked on the second account, you will need to contact Bacon Support and we will be able to combine those accounts or transfer payment to the correct Bacon account with Everee already set up. For more information about what happens in general if you create duplicate accounts with us check out our article: What Happens If I Create A Second Account?

I am trying to link a Bank Account in the Bacon app, but it isn’t saving my information. What should I do?

Please contact Bacon support at support@baconinc.com to help you set up your payment account through Everee. They can manually add you to Everee and send you a link from Everee to complete your onboarding through Everee rather than the Bacon app.