We know one of the best parts of working for Bacon is our quick turnaround from working your shift to getting you paid out, however there are some things that can delay your payments:

  • If you have not completed your Everee account or it isn’t linked to your Bacon account

  • If you do not check-in or check-out on the app, or on site. (Always ensure that you’ve clocked in with the supervisor for the shift, as mix ups on hours worked can delay payment significantly)

Auto-verification of hours takes place at 5pm the following business day after your shift. Please note that auto-verification cannot take place if you didn’t check-in or out, or edit your hours after the shift was completed. Once your hours have been auto-verified your payment will be sent the following business day for quick pay and the following Friday for weekly pay. (To read more about how payments work please see the article “When Will I Be Paid”)