You've hustled for your money, but when will you see it?

When Will I Be Paid?

When you will receive payment will depend greatly upon the payment provider you’ve chosen, and your settings with them. If you have selected Everee in your payment settings, you will be given the choice to be paid within 1 business day after the company approves the hours (Everee does charge a small fee for this service) or the nearest Friday to your shift date (free of charge). We recommend that you don't use Stripe, but if you do, payments will arrive 2-3 days after the shift is approved by the employer. 

The time that the employer verifies the shift will also have sway on when your payment will land in your bank account. With Everee Quick Pay,  shifts verified by the company before 7am MST will be sent and arrive that day. Shifts verified by the company after 7am MST will be sent and arrive the next business day.

          * The same day rules apply to when you cash out, but instead of verification you will need to select cash out on the app before 7am MST for Quick Pay.

What can delay pay?

  • If you have not added your payment information into Everee/Stripe
  • If you work a shift where you have not been accepted through the app (we are not always notified when this happens which delays your pay)
  • If you do not check-in or check-out on the app, or on site. (Always insure that you’ve clocked in with the supervisor for the shift, as mix ups on hours worked can delay payment significantly)

It is important to note that most, but not all shifts are approved by the employers on the same day that the shift was worked. Our employers are given a 48 hours grace period to verify the workers who need to be paid, and those who might not have shown up. If you have not been paid 72 hours after your shift, email us at:

If the company hasn't verified the worker's hours within that 48 hour period, Bacon will fine them as punishment for delaying pay for workers.