• Check-in and Check-out is a feature to help you and the customer track your hours. 
  • Each check-in and check-out are GPS verified. So if you are not on-site and try to check-in or check-out the company is notified that you were not on site when the check-in or check-out occurred. 
  • They are able to adjust your time based on whether you were on-site or not. 
  • You will receive a notification to check-in and you have from 15 mins before the shift to 15 mins into the shift to check-in on site. The same holds true for check-out. You will be notified to check-out and you have from 15 mins before the shift ends until 15 mins after the shift ends to check-out on site. 

What if I Check-In or Check-Out and I am not on site.

If you forget to check-in or check-out on-site please notify the supervisor and they will be able to make adjustments when they rate and verify your time after the shift. Failure to do this could slow down your payment due to them having to verify if you showed up to work.