Rules apply to all accepted or backup workers.

We expect the workers using the Bacon platform to only apply to shifts they are truly interested in and work. Withdrawing late or No Showing for shifts can severely damage a worker's reputation and future opportunity to be accepted to jobs. Bacon has rules and suspensions connected to late withdrawals and no showing for shifts. These are outlined below and are part of Bacon's Suspension Policy.

No-Show (not showing up to a shift you have accepted)

  • Each No Show = 30 day ban

Late Withdrawal (withdrawing from a shift within 12 hours of the start time of the shift)

  • 2 in 6 months = 7 day ban

Low Rating (receiving a 1 or 2 star rating from a business)

  • 2 in 6 months = 7 day ban

Zero Tolerance

Any behavior of this type will result in an immediate, and permanent, ban from the platform.

  • Drug/Alcohol Use

  • Harassment

  • Theft

  • Violent Behavior

For more information on our rating system you can check out our articles: "What Happens If I'm Rated Poorly?" and "How Can I Get Good Ratings?". The Bacon team reserves the right to pause any and all accounts that the Bacon team deems "problematic" from the platform for an indefinite amount of time. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to our Support Team at