Why do Businesses Request Backup Workers?

Sometimes businesses underestimate the number of workers they will need, or an accepted worker fails to show up. That’s where backup workers come in! A backup worker shows up just in case a business needs them for whatever reason. This way all of the businesses are more likely to get the help they need, and workers are able to work a shift, or receive the backup payment as compensation for the time it took them to go to the shift.

What Does Being a Backup Worker Mean?

Being a backup worker requires that you are flexible. When you apply as a backup worker for a shift, you agree to show up on time, meet all of the shift requirements, and check in with the shift manager. If the shift manager says they don’t need you and turn you away, you are guaranteed a $15 backup payment from Bacon (all fees still apply). If the shift manager has you stay and work the shift, you will be paid the hourly wages for your work as normal. 


Remember, as a backup worker you are expected to…

  • Meet all of the shift requirements

  • Show up ready to work on time

  • Check with the Supervisor to see if they need you to stay or not

Please note that if you do not meet all of these expectations you are not eligible to receive the backup payment. Additionally, the late withdrawal, no-show, low rating, and no tolerance policy apply to backups.