Bacon strives to develop a culture of trust between our team, businesses, and workers. This trust is damaged when workers set aside time to work a shift that the business cancels without proper notice. In order to repair the trust and maintain a positive relationship between the worker and the business, a fee equal to the greater amount is enforced: either twenty-five percent (25%) of the shift’s posted amount or $30.00 

Here are following situations where this would be granted

  1. Client cancels a shift within twelve hours of the shift’s start time

  2. Client removes an approved worker within twelve hours of the shift’s start time

  3. Client turns away an accepted worker on the job site that is dressed appropriately and meets the requirements of the shift.

When is it ok to turn away a worker without pay or penalty?

  • If a worker is late

  • If a worker arrives in unacceptable attire

  • If a worker does not meet the requirements specified on the job

Standard Bacon fees will apply to all fees.