Bacon has a whole team dedicated to helping you when you encounter problems, but when should you reach out?

When Should I reach out to Bacon's Support Team? 

We encourage you to reach out to us at if you encounter the following problems: 

  1. Your pay has been delayed more than two business days. (Keep in mind that weekends and holidays do not count as business days) 
  2. You've experiences any kind of harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate incident during a shift with Bacon. (For an explanation of what you need to do, see our article How Do I File A Discrimination or Harassment Claim Through Bacon?)
  3. You have been suspended erroneously.
  4. You have experienced some sort of emergency prior to a shift (if this has happened to you, read our article What Do I Do if I have an Emergency Before My Shift? prior to contacting us)
  5. You have a question that has not been answered in an article on this site.

When do I not need to contact support? 

  1. If you have experienced an emergency prior to a shift, but have not contacted the employer yet. 
  2. If it has been less than two business days since your shift and you still haven't been paid. 
  3. If you don't see any shifts in your area (Instead check out our article explaining what you can do here: What Should I Do if I Do Not Have Any Shifts In My Area?
  4. If certain shifts appear to be "locked". This is because you are a first time worker. Some companies list certain shifts as not accessible to first time workers because they are looking for more experienced Bacon workers. Once you've worked a shift they will open up for you! You can check out our article on the subject here: What Are "Locked" Shifts?