Who decides how much a shift pays? What do I make an hour with Bacon? Find out here!

Who decides how much a shift pays? 

Each shift on bacon has a different payout that is determined by the business that is posting. We do give the business the average hourly wage for the area where they are posting, and let them know what amount would make them competitive with other bacon shifts in the area, but it's the business that makes the final decision. 

What do I do if I don't think a shift pays enough? 

The answer is fairly straightforward, don't pick up that shift! If you don't feel like a shift is competitive with other shifts in your area, focus on those shifts that you feel are paying enough. That's one of the great benefits of working on the Bacon app! Businesses who use Bacon tend to be very responsive in keeping their pay competitive because they want to work with you! 

How much do I make an hour with Bacon? 

Each shift's pay on Bacon is determined by the employer putting in the hours of the shift and an hourly wage. This means that you could be making anywhere from 10-25$ per hour depending on which shift you pick up. You can calculate your hourly wage by dividing the payout for the shift by the hours they have listed. It is important to note however, that because the shift pay is calculated with the assumption that you'll be working all the hours posted, if you do not work the full time listed, your pay will most likely be adjusted accordingly. Luckily this works the other way as well, if they ask you to stay later and you accept, you will be paid out more than what you saw on your application. 

Though rare, there are some Bacon shifts that are formatted slightly differently than what we just described above. Certain employers will create a shift that is primarily paid out by tips, meaning that they tend to have especially low hourly wages, which show on the app as low pay shifts. These postings usually explain how their shift works, and what the average employee can expect to make from tips for the shift. If you have more questions about how getting paid tips functions, check out our article: How do Tips Work?

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